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Sports Scholarship Programme

Supporting Aspiring Performers: Suitable for Sports Scholars

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Sports Scholarship Programme – Summer Term 2021

A programme of online sessions suitable for all ambitious teenage athletes

Following the success of this term’s events, attended by more than 1000 aspiring athletes every week, there is an entirely new and different programme available for the summer term. This recognises that many sports scholars are no longer attending school after half term, and so concentrates these sessions into the first half of term.

There is a range of speakers on different topics, who will provide a combination of information and inspiration for students. This will often involve sharing their own athletic journey, and presenting lessons that they have learned for the benefit of the audience.
All have been asked to include the things they wished they knew when they were aspiring teenagers.

There is never going to be one time that is suitable for all schools. Sessions are scheduled live on Monday afternoons at 4.15pm, in the hope that this will be a convenient time for many schools to assemble their pupils to watch the sessions together, and stimulate discussion and planning. However, the recording will be available for seven days after this, enabling schools to view it at any time during that week – or to make it separately available to any pupils who missed it. It is hoped that this provides maximum flexibility to meet the needs of all environments. All session last 45 minutes.

Sessions can be accessed individually, or as a series.


Monday 26 April

Be a Champion 

with Jamie Peacock MBE

This is an account of the journey that took Jamie from a teenage trialist to captaining England for 8 years in Rugby League. His focus includes going the extra mile, self-discipline and resilience. 

Jamie Peacock MBE is one of the greatest players of his generation. He has won every honour in the English game, as well as “best forward in the world”.

Tuesday 4 May 

Leaving a Legacy

with Dan Wallace OLY 

Dan Wallace highlights the impact swimming had on his life-style and what was necessary to achieve a Rio Olympic medal. The focus is on how his team created a winning culture and a lasting legacy.

Daniel Wallace is an international swimmer, who won Silver at the Rio Olympics, as well as Gold at World Championships and Commonwealth Games.

Monday 10 May 

Nutrition & Performance 

with Rose Smith

This session will explain the science of how, what and when young athletes should eat, drink and recover to maximise training and performance. It will also unravel common myths and misconceptions. 

Rose Smith is a  Performance Nutritionist working with Olympic level athletes to achieve the correct nutrition to maximise performance and well-being.  

Monday 17 May 

Training like a Champion

with Martin Brockman

An insight into what it takes to succeed in elite sport. Martin explains the highs and lows of his personal journey, including the training, lifestyle and mind-set which led to his unexpected medal success in the Commonwealth Games

Martin Brockman was an international decathlete for over 15 years, winning a Bronze medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. 


One session £100

All sessions £275

Prices are based on up to 40 pupils from each school at each event. Special terms are available for schools with particularly small (less than 10), or large, numbers of pupils involved.

All sessions delivered live 4.15–5.00pm. Recordings available for the following seven days.

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