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Supporting Aspiring Athletes Programme

Suitable for Sports Scholars

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Supporting Aspiring Athletes Programme - suitable for sports scholars

A programme of online sessions suitable for all ambitious teenage athletes

Following the success of last year’s Sports Scholarship Programme, attended by more than 2000 aspiring athletes, there is an entirely new and different programme available for the Autumn Term. This new programme recognises that sports scholars are now back at school and looking to maximise their training knowledge and capacity after the pandemic.

There is a range of speakers on different topics, who will provide a combination of information and inspiration for students. This will often involve sharing their own athletic journey, and presenting lessons that they have learned for the benefit of the audience.
All have been asked to include the things they wished they knew when they were aspiring teenagers.

There is never going to be one time that is suitable for all schools. Sessions are scheduled live on Monday afternoons at 4.15pm, in the hope that this will be a convenient time for many schools to assemble their pupils to watch the sessions together, and stimulate discussion and planning. However, the recording will be available for seven days after this, enabling schools to view it at any time during that week – or to make it separately available to any pupils who missed it. It is hoped that this provides maximum flexibility to meet the needs of all environments. All session last 45 minutes.

Sessions can be accessed individually, or as a series.


Monday 11 October

Body Change: Training Through Puberty 

with Kelly Mepham

This is a unique webinar to help teenagers understand the changes they will experience through puberty.  How their body and minds will go through change and how best to manage their training through these challenging years.

Kelly is a former County track and field runner, a Championship place marathon runner, and an EA Running Coach specialising in women’s physiology and performance in sport.

Monday 8 November 

Self-Awareness in Sport

with Simon Amor 

This presentation highlights the importance of self-awareness in sport and physical education and how to improve self-awareness to maximise success and happiness on the field of play.

Simon is the Current Head Coach of Hong Kong Rugby and former England attack coach under Eddie Jones, as well as ex England 7’s coach and player.

Monday 15 November 

Nutrition to Maximise Performance

with Rose Smith

The food and drink we consume has a huge power over the brain, productivity and the ability to focus on work and physical performance. Learn how to structure meals and fuel the body to increase mental performance and help focus the mind ready to compete.

Rose is a Performance Nutritionist working with Olympic level athletes to achieve the correct nutrition to maximise performance and well-being.

Monday 22 November 

10 Traits of the Champion Minded

with Allistair McCaw

This presentation illustrates how to become more skilled in areas such as: daily planning, goals setting, time management as well as becoming a more confident, accountable athlete and student.

Allistair is one of the world’s leading figures in human performance, team culture and leadership. For over 25 years, Allistair has worked with numerous Olympians, Grand Slam Champions, and Professional Sports Teams.


One session £100
All sessions £275
Book last year? All sessions £200

Prices are based on unlimited pupils from each school at each event. Special terms are available for schools with particularly small (less than 10) numbers of pupils involved.

All sessions delivered live 4.15–5.00pm. Recordings available for the following seven days. Excludes VAT

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