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Conference of Mental Health and Wellbeing in School Sport

Conference of  Mental Health and Wellbeing in School Sport
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    Student wellbeing is becoming a developing focus for schools. Both physical and mental health are challenges in an era of new pressures and sedentary lifestyles.

    The role of physical activity and sport is assuming increased importance in addressing this issue. This Conference brings together a range of international experts, who will present the implications of the most recent research into the impact of sport on mental health.

    Sport in schools is a shifting landscape, with historic assumptions under threat.  Its capacity to contribute to wellbeing will be an important future justification for its place in education, and it is important that the implications are clearly understood.

    Schools have two new challenges: the first is to enhance the mental health of all pupils, and to maximise the impact of physical activity to do so. The second is to support athletes to manage stress, anxiety and self-confidence to optimise their performance. Both require teachers to understand the science of wellbeing, and to benefit from recent research into its impact.

    Physical activity, in its various forms, has the possibility of impacting positively and negatively on all pupils. Its potential for influencing self esteem, body image, confidence and academic progress are considerable. The ways in which schools structure and present sport in the future will determine whether or not there will be positive outcomes for all pupils.



    Conference Assembles – Refreshments


    Challenges Faced by Young People: Implications of Mental Health Foundation Research
    Youth Sport Trust


    Physical Activity, Self-Esteem and Body Image
    with Richard Bailey


    refreshment break


    The Role of Physical Activity and Sport in Mental Health
    with Nick Peirce




    What is Mental Toughness?
    with Doug Strycharczyk


    Strategies for Success in Sport and Mental Health: Supporting Young Athletes
    with Jason Brennan

    3:15 pm 

    Conference Closes


    1 place £189 2 places £315 4 places £499

    Conference runs 10.00am – 3.30pm. Price includes lunch, refreshments and notes. Excludes VAT.


    Dr Richard Bailey

    Dr Richard Bailey

    Dr Richard Bailey is lead researcher for the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education. He was previously a Professor at Birmingham and Liverpool Universities, and specialises in the impact of physical activity on wellbeing. He has worked for UNESCO as Expert Adviser for PE, the World Health Organisation and the European Union. He has conducted research into the impact of sport for the English and Scottish governments. He is a world authority on the science surrounding the benefits of physical activity.

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    Dr Nick Peirce

    Dr Nick Peirce

    Dr Nick Peirce is the Chief Medical Officer at the England and Wales Cricket Board, and Honorary Professor in Clinical Sports Medicine at Loughborough University. He is also an NHS Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine at Nottingham University Hospital. He was previously Lead Sports Physician for Nottingham Forest FC. He has worked with all aspects of medical care for athletes, physical and mental. This includes work with the English and Australian Institutes of Sport, the GB Davis Cup team and working with athlete welfare at two Olympic Games.

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    Doug Strycharczyk

    Doug Strycharczyk

    Doug Strycharczyk is the CEO of AQR International, leaders in Team Building and Leadership Development. He has worked extensively with Professor Peter Clough to create the world’s foremost measure of mental toughness. He is recognised as a leading authority on the application of mental toughness in education, and the methods by which this is taught and developed. This supports young people to deal with stress, pressure and challenge, and to see change as an opportunity to grow and develop.

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    Jason Brennan

    Jason Brennan

    Jason Brennan is author of “Win: Proven Strategies for Success in Sport, Life and Mental Health”. This examines the mindset behind the psychology of winning, and how mental skills developed through sport can be adapted for success in everyday life. He shows how coaches can support athletes to gain confidence, achieve goals and build mental strength and resilience. He is a Psychotherapist and Transactional Analyst

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