Independent Coach Education - Stimulating School Sport



Really enjoyed the course. Tutor made it relevant to being in a classroom situation with lots of clear progressions and ideas of how to use non doers.

Jonny Daglish

Just wanted to say I thought the cricket course I recently attended was brilliant. The best I've been on. I was praying it was 100% practical as that's what us coaches need - ideas and tips from a pro.

John Mason

The day was really very, very good, and Dean Macey was excellent - he covered an enormous amount of detail in an engaging and thorough way.

Steve Johnson, Kings Ely

Best course I have been on with you.

Lucy Gardner

This was an excellent course. All participants were welcomed, valued and were provided with information that can be put to good use. The demo's were amazing and Dean's passion for athletics was evident and inspiring.

Iain Gall

A thoroughly enjoyable and very useful course. The day was made very enjoyable by such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable course leader.

Rob Wood

Best sports related course I have been on. Dean was an excellent tutor

Steve, West Sussex

A very useful and full day of excellent teaching methods and techniques! A great tutor full of knowledge and expert information, it’s really useful to have a real athletic leader run a course as let’s face it they really do know what they are talking about

Michelle Aldridge, Bedford School

Stimulating School Sport

Independent Coach Education provides a range of high quality services to schools to enable them to enhance and develop the quality of their sports provision.

This includes cutting edge training of coaches and referees at all levels, and in all sports played in schools. Additionally, there are recruitment and advisory services and a range of other products including pre season training camps, holiday coaching courses, coaching resources  and celebrity visits to schools.

Whatever your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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