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Rounders England launches values-based new curriculum support for schools

by Rhian Lilley & Rachael Lomas

In support of primary and secondary teachers and pupils, Rounders England has launched a new curriculum resource.  Covering KS2 & 3, the resource pack provides lesson plans that support learning objectives, encompassing six sessions and a new format of the game – all of which provide an ideal way for pupils to get fit again after lockdown.

Commenting Natalie Justice-Dearn, Rounders England CEO, said, “We hope this new and innovative resource, packed full of fun and engaging ideas, will support the development of the physical and mental skills.  Supporting the aspiration for the children and young people it reaches to create a positive experience of Rounders at school so that this love can extend into their adulthood and support them to adopt a physically active lifestyle. As a sport, rounders is so accessible it is a great way for teachers to get kids fit again after lockdown.”

For KS2, the resources utilise the fact that Rounders is one of a few sports that encompasses all the physical fundamental skills taught through the PE curriculum. It includes six sessions that cover running, sending an object, receiving an object, striking and gameplay.  The resources also include the introduction of a ‘Values Captain’ role. Each session will focus on a different value represented by a character. The values captain will be asked to describe when they have seen the value in action and how it made them feel? The values are:

  • Fair play – learning the importance of rules and being fair to others
  • Respect – understanding that everyone has different abilities, and everyone’s contribution is valid, rounders is inclusive
  • Teamwork – learning to work together towards a common goal
  • Winning behaviours – understanding how to behave towards others and ensuring you are gracious in triumph and defeat
  • Fun – to enjoy participating, playing and practising with friends

For young people aged 7 – 11, Rounders England is sharing with schools a new format of the game - Ready Rounders - which include a triangular version, rotation of positions and a positive scoring system. Schools that have piloted the new game reported positive feedback from educators and pupils. The game format showcases all of the fundamental physical skills required to play rounders.

Natalie commented, “The creation of a junior version of the game is a first for rounders and has been created to encourage more participation at a junior age. It is a fun format that encourages young people to have a positive and enjoyable first experience of rounders and sport in general. There are lots of opportunities to score rounders and try out the different positions on the pitch, all of which will encourage participation.”

For KS3, the curriculum resource has been created to provide activity ideas to use during lessons and in after school provision. Rounders England has created six sequential resource cards at KS3 that provide a different learning focus, learning outcome, value focus and young person’s goals linked to the striking and fielding PE curriculum.  The six resources cover:

  • Running: (speed/agility) Demonstrate when and where to accelerate and decelerate whilst batting and fielding
  • Sending an object: Recognise and select an appropriate throwing technique that can be used when bowling or fielding
  • Receiving an object: Recognise how the flight, speed and location of the ball determines the type of catching technique selected whilst fielding
  • Striking the ball: Recognise the movement of a ball to develop batting techniques to successfully make contact
  • Gameplay: Explore a range of attacking and defending strategies and tactics and apply them whilst batting and fielding to help gain or maintain a competitive advantage
  • Communication and teamwork: Explore a range of communication techniques that can be used to support effective teamwork and gameplay

“These new resources reflect our vision at Rounders England to connect people through Rounders’ and help everyone to fulfil their potential to realise that ‘We are all Rounders’, added Natalie. “Rounders is a cross-generational, mixed-gender game that embraces all abilities. As a game, we are strongly guided by our values of inclusivity, health and personal growth. It is a game that is about sociability, about connecting with people in an age where screens separate generations and are replacing real and meaningful interactions. A game of Rounders makes great memories, offering an ideal balance between fun and fitness with great opportunities to make friends, get some exercise and have a good laugh!”

Quotes in support of new resources:

“I absolutely love it!” – Hayley Pegg, PE teacher

“There's enough detail and description in them which should be easy for primary staff to follow” – PE staff member

“It was so much fun! I enjoyed learning a new sport and its really easy to pick up and learn and play!” – Yr 5 pupil

“The pupils very much enjoyed the rotation and so felt involved more.” – Primary class teacher

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